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A Very Bookish Christmas Four stories. Four book-lovers. Four feel-good Christmas stories. This is a limited edition novella collection with contributions by four different authors.

Fairytale Retelling Details forthcoming

Gingerbread Treasures – solo release “It all started five years ago with the gingerbread men…” Oliver Breckenridge is fascinated when he receives an email from the niece of an old friend. Emily Willis, whose father disappeared six years prior, writes that four gingerbread men, annually delivered at Christmastime–as well as her dog–have disappeared from her house. Intrigued by the curious case, Oliver flies across the pond to the States to investigate.

Christmas Book 2020 Details forthcoming

Oxford Mysteries – Book I David Evans has a problem. The locked, vintage trunk that he acquired from a stranger, holds evidence that just might point to a crime. Unsure what he should do, David takes the trunk with its contents to Oliver Breckenridge. The private investigator accepts the case, while David expresses hope that the man can prove his discovery as nothing more than a musty hoax.


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