~Hunting Honey Bee

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The golden rays of the morning sun illuminated the waxen walls of the Honey Bee nest. One of the worker bees began to move slowly in her little cell, rhythmically stretching each of her six legs after her nap. She had slept longer than usual, but not too much. She remembered the days when a quick 30 seconds would be enough time to make her feel rested. Now, she needed a little more time than that.

Poking her head from her hexagon cell, she looked around, taking in all the information she needed within seconds. The area was clear; none of her sisters were buzzing around, in danger of a collision. She could go.

Thrusting off the wax shelf, it wasn’t long before she had consumed her breakfast, passed the guards at the entrance of the hive, and swept into the cool air. What a lovely morning for finding food!

I say it was cool, but it certainly wasn’t cold. She was glad of that. Too cold and she would have to stay home, keeping to the warmth of the nest. Zipping passed patches of green and yellow grasses, her compound eyes measured the distance she traveled, while simultaneously searching for a bright patch of color. Orange. She really hoped for orange. For some reason, she usually liked the color better than yellow. Orange was so…

I wrote a new short story for Your Story Central!! It’s about a honey bee on the search for food for her colony. I did a ton of research for this one – which was so, so fun! Do you have any idea how incredible a honey bee is?? They are magnificent!! I only managed to put a tiny bit of the information about them into the story.  Go here to read the rest of it: Hunting Honey Bee. And while you’re there, make sure you bookmark the website! There are a lot more fun stories coming up!  :)

To the KING be all the glory!

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  1. Aunt Robbyn says:

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