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Note: This post is a sticky, until August 20th. If you’ve already seen the giveaway, newer posts are below. :)

First, the giveaway: Leave a comment for each entry. List of possible ways to enter will be at the end of this post. The winner will receive a signed, paperback copy of Grandmother’s Letters! Go here for a description of the book. Entries will be accepted until Tuesday, August 20th!

During this same week, the Kindle version of Grandmother’s Letters will be taken down to $1.99! Go here to find Grandmother’s Letters for Kindle!


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 To the KING be all the glory!


~And It Is Live!!

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Grandmother’s Letters is live on Amazon!! Kindle should be coming soon! Here’s the synopsis:


Grandmother’s Letters

Louise’s friend is dragging her along on a dubious treasure hunt. She, however, would rather be reading the recently discovered letters written by her great-great-grandmother, Georgiana Donahue.

Meanwhile, Xavier, a young law student, is facing struggles of his own. He can’t find a job, his uncle is constantly belittling his late father, and he can hardly stand his seemingly perfect cousin.

In the next town, an old man’s reclusive ways are disturbed when he agrees to let Malcolm Moore do his yard work. Although he desires to return to his seclusion, he is perplexed by the Moores’ willingness to welcome him into their lives.

Almost 100 years in the past, Georgiana Donahue’s life was turned upside down in the course of one eventful year, and she was inclined to blame God for all of her troubles. Little did she realize that the searching letters she wrote to her brother and his wife would end up touching so many lives, so long after they were written…

Suggested Age: 14 – 20



~I Set for Myself a Deadline…

– – –

I set for myself a deadline
Yet, so little did I know
Just how very, very little
Words would wish to follow.

I scribbled on my paper
I typed up on my screen
But my trash can seemed to gain
And my “keeps” are pretty lean.

My delete button shines
From the many times its hit
I’m on my fifteenth pen –
As well as I remember it.

My desk is strewn with notes
Some nonsensical at that.
Youtube wants to ban me
For my music playing stats.

My brain is dead on editing –
Oh no – not another plot hole!
I think I just might cry
If I have to find another typo!

I dream of letters and pens,
Of words and missing pages,
Of scratching over silliness,
And checking character ages.

Of changing improper formats,
Or fixing a comma or colon,
Of changing names or cities –
Of my deadline being stolen.

But still, I try to push on,
Knowing this time is not mine.
I can pick a day to be “done”
But the LORD has my real deadline.

So, I’ll edit out the plot holes,
And fix the spelling errors,
Turn back on my music,
And dance through rewrite terrors.

And someday, I’ll be finished,
And this book will be complete.
If I give my deadline over –
This journey will be sweet.

To the KING be all the glory!

~Hadding Legends…

Louise sighed. “Have you ever heard of the Hadding Legend?”

“Of course.” Malcolm replied. “I’ve heard of it, but I don’t know what it is. I know it has something to do with Halcer.”

“Right. Well, to make a long story short, a Mr. Hadding supposedly hid or lost a great fortune about 100 years ago or more. Then, supposedly, his family has offered a reward in the last 50 years or so, to anyone who can find it.”

Natalie giggled. “So, you’ve been trying to find it?”


-A snippet from Grandmother’s Letters

Typing, writing, editing, typing… The cycle continues…

To the KING be all the glory!

~It’s Coming Along…

– – –

Grandmother’s Letters is coming along. I’m on a deadline now… so I’m working on it like a crazy person. Here’s an excerpt from somewhere around where I’ve been typing. (Oh… and Andy is Louise’s younger brother, incase anyone is wondering.)

Wandering with complete aimlessness around the house, Andy noticed Louise’s door open. Why her desk attracted his attention, he didn’t know, but he wandered in to look at it nonetheless. Her laptop was closed, looking rather lonely despite its surroundings. Papers lay to the left of it, scribbles and various notes on them about the treasure, the Hadding’s street address in Halcer, and the name of Harrison Wilman. The young man found little interest in that and looked at the rest of the desk. A Bible lay on the other side of the computer open to the book of James, more papers this time an essay on something or other, and another book. Andy picked it up, read the title, and set it down. Louise might enjoy reading A Tale of Two Cities, but he always had a hard time focusing on Mr. Dickens.

To the KING be all the glory!