~Mr. Centenarian – Character Interview

Grandmother's Letters - FINALsm

Character Interview I wrote many months ago with the eccentric old man from Grandmother’s Letters. Hope you enjoy!

– Hello, sir. You’re the centenarian in the area, aren’t you?

Not interested.

-Excuse me?

I said that I’m not interested.

-I just need to ask you a few questions…

I don’t answer questions! Especially for reporters!

-I’m not a reporter.

What are you then?

-An author.

Even worse! I don’t need a book written about me!

-Can I ask you a couple of questions?


-Can you tell me your name? Your real name?


-Are those dogs that I can hear barking?

Do you know of something else that barks like that?

-I’ll take that as a yes, Mr. –

*sigh* Centenarian.


My neighbors call me Mr. Centenarian. That’s the only name you’re going to get. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I said that I’m not-

-Wait, Mr. – Mr. Centenarian! The rumor is that you don’t let anyone into your house. Is this true?

It’s not a rumor, it’s a fact. It’s also the reason that I’m shutting the door now.

-Wait! Mr. Centen- *sigh* Well, that went well now, didn’t it?



To the KING be all the glory!


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