May I Present: Café Chocolaté!

When Charles Dickens wrote Nicholas Nickleby and Martin Chuzzlewit, he published them as serial novels in the newspaper. He did this with other stories as well, and people looked forward to the monthly installment with anticipation. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle released the famous Sherlock Holmes stories in a similar fashion in the Strand.

The idea of a serial story always fascinated me. I don’t know why, but I always wanted to try my hand at it. Possibly, because two of my favorite authors had done so. There aren’t any newspapers around to publish in, but my blog would do as well. Still, though I toyed with the idea over the years, I never brought it into reality. Until now.

Today, I am excited to announce that my new blog serial Café Chocolaté is, LORD willing, set to release its first installment on Friday, February 7th! Each installment is planned to be one chapter long. Unlike Mr. Dickens, I plan to put up a new one every week, instead of once a month. So, mark your Fridays!

It’s an ordinary Tuesday morning. The regulars are settling in with their coffees and their laptops, when an explosion rips through the air. No one can see what happened nor can they get out of the café. Stranded and perplexed, the people need answers. What caused the explosion? Where are the police? Why isn’t the man in the corner moving? And when will that woman stop screaming?

I’m really enjoying this story. I’m getting to know new characters and having so much fun with older, already established characters. Like I said in my writing update, if you’ve read Grandmother’s Letters you’ll get to see a couple of old friends in Café Chocolaté! If you haven’t, I think you’ll like them anyway. At least, I hope that you will!

In the meantime, isn’t my cover lovely? Perry Kirkpatrick makes such beautiful ones – someday, I hope I learn enough from her to do as well as she does.

Now, I really must get back to work. I’ve got another chapter to type up, another to write, and Patrick Quill is calling my name…

To the KING be all the glory!


  1. Rosy says:

    OHHH, this is so cool! I CAN’T wait to read it, as well as read it to my sisters! And that’s SO awseom that you have characters from Grandmother’s Letters in there. I can’t wait to read it! :D <3

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