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Note: This post is a sticky, until August 20th. If you’ve already seen the giveaway, newer posts are below. :)

First, the giveaway: Leave a comment for each entry. List of possible ways to enter will be at the end of this post. The winner will receive a signed, paperback copy of Grandmother’s Letters! Go here for a description of the book. Entries will be accepted until Tuesday, August 20th!

During this same week, the Kindle version of Grandmother’s Letters will be taken down to $1.99! Go here to find Grandmother’s Letters for Kindle!


Giveaway entry rules. Below are seven ways to enter. Leave me a comment, letting me know which ones you did!

-Answer the following: Do you have letters or journal entries written by your grandparents? Tell me a bit about them!

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  1. TinaJewel says:

    My mother saved a copy of all the letters she wrote to our grandparents when we were still at home. We have them in a scrapbook and can read all about our life as kids! She wrote a new letter every week.

  2. Challice says:

    I still have some of my Grandma’s letter to me. As a child, we would write back and forth to close the miles between us.

  3. Misty Marr says:

    I have 1 card written from one grandma, for my 16th birthday. It is the only thing I have from her and she died several years ago. I have a stack of postcards from my other grandma, from when she travels. She also sends emails now and then and I have them all.

  4. Bethany says:

    I still have letters from my Granny she sent me while living in Congo, Africa as an MK (missionary kid). Her letters were always so much fun to receive, as she often decorated them with fun stickers, and always drew balloons on our birthday cards. Even now she still decorates my packages with stickers. <3

  5. jenn says:

    Hey Rebekah!
    I had already “liked” your page.
    Followed your twitter.
    Going to share on blog, twitter and facebook.
    As for Grandma’s letters, my Grandma and Grandpa both wrote to me while I was in college. I haven’t found anything that was before that. I sure do miss them, and wish I had something like that.

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