The Homeschool Convention is Over Already!

The Homeschool Convention is over. Wow, it went fast.

My sisters and two friends went with me on Friday morning and by the time we were finished setting up, I had a lovely booth! Between navigation miscommunication, a wrong turn, and a looney GPS, we did manage to get lost and arrived rather later than I had planned, but nothing dreadful resulted and we were set up and ready in good time for the exhibit hall to open. I really loved the added aspect of the bookshelf and the ice cream set we did this year. Having only been a Young Entrepreneur with a little booth before, I had no idea how large my space would be this year! My fears of being crowded were very unfounded.

I had some great booth neighbors, who truly kept me laughing the entire time. I doubt if I entertained them much, as I can rarely be accused of being funny, but they were a blast to be around. They kept even the slow hours from being boring.

Second day, I decided for various reasons, to try a different setup. I admit, I was sceptical about the outcome, since I went into a change more from necessity than anything else, but it actually turned out far more lovely than I expected!

The day felt both short and very long. I had some great conversations and enjoyed reconnecting with people I had met in previous years, as well as meeting new ones. We handed out a ton of flyers and toward the end of the day I drew a winner for the giveaway. A highlight of the day definitely had to be the two young ladies who, at separate times, found me, recognized my books, and got super excited. They each had gotten one of my books the year before and loved it. I hope they enjoy their new books this year, half as much!

Even when there weren’t many people around looking at my books, my sisters were around when they weren’t wandering about, and I had several friends in and out of my booth. I even got to hold and play with little people a few times.

At the end of the day, I had lots of help and we got my booth packed up quick and efficient. I had several lovely helpers and they did a great job!

Overall, it was a good convention. The LORD has blessed me! I’m already looking forward to next year!

To the KING be all the glory!

~Life of Washington – A Review

In continuance of my reading challenge, I give you my review on a Biography.

Life of Washington by Anna C. Reed
Originally Published in 1842

George Washington led an exemplary life of service to God and his country, from his very boyhood. Raised by godly parents, they instilled in him a sense of honestly and duty, which proved him well in his many roles as son, land surveyor, soldier, husband, General, guardian, land-owner, benefactor, master, state representative, and President of the United States.

Miss Reed tells us about the life of one man, used of the LORD in many diverse ways of many years. Pulling from legends, letters, diary excerpts, personal testimonies, and using engaging narration, she paints a picture of the life of George Washington, as well as the events leading to the start of the country that he helped to found.

This book proved both interesting and well-written, often binging the reader back to the Bible with Scriptures and reminders of God’s promises.

I truly enjoyed reading Life of Washington. It rarely grew dull, and when it did, those sections were short. Much of what I read, I had studied before, but it was good to refresh my memory.

General Washington always has been one of my heroes and this book confirmed that in the best of ways.

To the KING be all the glory!

~Keep a Quiet Heart – A Review

I’m doing a reading challenge this year. The original idea was to read 110 books, in specific categories, this year. It’s May and I haven’t got far exactly, so we’ll see how that pans out. Here, however, is my review for a Book on Christian Living…

Keep a Quiet Heart by Elisabeth Elliot
Originally Published in 1995

This book is a collection of articles that Elisabeth Elliot collected and put together from her newsletters over the years. The articles are a combination of encouragement and instruction for following the LORD and keeping a quiet heart, despite what may or may not be going on around you; learning to give over every ounce of our own will and self-preservation to the Almighty.

Mrs. Elliot draws on her own experience, as well as that of others, to build up and encourage her readers, though her focus is especially on women. She quotes extensively from the Bible and hymns, as well as gathering poignant quotes from other men and women of God.

Overall, I found this book a blessing; an encouragement, though sprinkled with areas of that convict. I would certainly recommend this book.

To the KING be all the glory!

~The Scarlet Rose – A Review

The Scarlet Rose by Ashton Sweeney
Originally Published in 2016

The Royal family of Wyvern love each other, their land, and their people. Theirs is a happy life, living in the castle, taking care of the citizens of the land, and ruling the peaceful country.

Across the water, Lord Davon of Nora has no intention of allowing the peaceful lives of the Wyvernians to continue. He wants the country for himself and he will stop at nothing to achieve his desires. Deceit, kidnapping, war, murder; nothing is too low and nothing will hold him back.

The Characters: There were several characters, who I liked. Bentley was probably my favorite, though one other rivaled him. (I can’t tell you who though.) Bentley’s obvious love for his family, especially his sister, and his tender heart toward the people of Wyvern, won me over fairly easily.

Lord Davon and his wife could hardly be listed among my favorites, but they were well-written in all of their evil plots and plans. Wicked, is the best way to describe and they exuded evil in their very dialogue.

A Few More Thoughts: This book is number two in the Wyvern Tales, but I think it works well as a standalone. I read it, before having read Book One, and though one or two small points may confuse the reader, that I assume were explained in the story’s predecessor, there was nothing major that I can recall.

Cautions: While there is nothing objectionable in this book, not even language, there was, nonetheless, sensitive topics introduced. I would recommend this book for sixteen or eighteen-years-old and up.


To the KING be all the glory!